Any active YouTube user knows there is a wealth of videos related to Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (AMC) on YouTube. Unfortunately there is similar amount of videos against AMC ranging from hate speech to outright vulgarity by distorting pictures of Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) and his caliphs.

The idea behind this website is be "YouTube" for AMC members enabling them to benefit from all blessed content without any distractions of unrelated and/or blasphemous content.

There are some excellent channels created by AMC members on YouTube. Some reply to allegations against AMC and other compile videos calling out lies and deceit of religious scholars who intentionally spread hatred and message of violence. Such videos are not always suitable for official AMC platforms, but can be placed on platform like AhmadiyyaArchive.org in unofficial capacity.


AhmadiyyaArchive.org is designed from ground up to serve the purpose described above. It frequently scans YouTube for videos related to AMC compiling them into an index. Every channel goes through an approval process and if approved its videos are published on the website. New videos from trusted channels are automatically published to the website multiple times a day.

To some it may appear as this website is violating copyrights, but it is not. The owners of YouTube channels whose videos appear on this website have explicitly enabled embed feature which allows anyone to embed their videos into external websites. This website makes use of embed feature and does not burden official AMC infrastructure in anyway.

If you own a YouTube channel and would like to include it here, or you have any comments then please use information provided below to reach us.