Faith Matters: No. 191 - Life hereafter, Iddat, Israaf, Allah’s Help, Angels, Interfering, Shirk


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Faith Matters 191 (see questions and links below) Host: Shahzad Ahmed Participants: Dr Zahid Khan (Chairman Qaza Board UK) Ayyaz Mahmood Khan (Ahmadiyya Muslim Missionary UK) Topic: [01:23] How can you strive in the world according to the proportion you have to live here, and strive for the hereafter according to the proportion you have to live there, as mentioned in a Hadith. [11:00] According to a Hadith, a house, horse and a woman are things that could either prove good or bring bad luck for a man. Could you explain the meaning of this please? [17:03] Does a widow who has crossed the stage of menopause, need to observe 'iddat (period of waiting)? [21:52] What is excessive spending known as israf according to Islam? [28:15] What is meant by Allah's help, when does it arrive and in what situations should it be expected? [43:13] What's the fine line between getting too personal vs showing concern? Particularly in light of a Hadith which says “From the perfection of a person’s Islam is his leaving alone what does not concern him.” [49:24] Why Allah created tests for human beings? Why do they have to go through tests unlike angels? [54:21] Why is "shirk" been declared as a sin which will not be forgiven in any case. Doesn’t this make God seem very selfish? An informative and contemporary English question and answer programme exploring various matters relating to faith and religion. Programme no. 191. Send your questions to or send a fax to +44 208 687 8037. © Copyright MTA International.