Faith Matters: No. 178 - Torture, Poverty, Tea Fermentation, Guests, Antidepressants, Kosher meat


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Faith Matters 178 (see questions and links below) Host: Shahzad Ahmed Participants: Dr Zahid Khan (Chairman Qaza Board UK) Azhar Hanif (Vice Presedent Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA) Topics: [01:29] Are there circumstances where you think torture might be justified? If so, then on what grounds and in what circumstances? [10:34] What is Islam’s solution for elimination of global poverty, which is the greatest moral challenge facing the work today? [21:14] According to Islamic teachings are there any reasons and justifications for the unjust distribution of wealth and resources? [23:21] Today’s poor are much better off than most people were a century ago. Does it matter that there’s an increasing gap between the rich and the poor if the standard of living for the poor keeps going up? [27:57] If a person has good morals, then why should they concern themselves with forging a relationship with God? [32:35] The green tea leaves are picked and dried simply under the sun, then to convert them into black tea they are soaked to make them “ferment”. Is this process of fermenting the tea allowable under the Islamic rulings?, [36:16] Islam gives a lot of importance to guests and you are supposed to respect and honour them, but what about the Guests who turn into pests, how should one deal with them? [45:25] Is it forbidden in Islam to have doubts about one’s faith? Or question one’s faith? [50:31] Is the use of anti-depressants simply a medical treatment of an ailment or does their use indicate a weakness in faith and lack of trust in the Creator? [53:57] Is it allowed for Muslims to use Kosher meat? If yes why? An informative and contemporary English question and answer programme exploring various matters relating to faith and religion. Programme no. 178. Send your questions to or send a fax to +44 208 687 8037. © Copyright MTA International.