Children's Corner #6 Tajweed-ul-Quran, Questions about Wudhu, Sketch & Draw, Islam Ahmadiyya


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Segment 1 - Tajweed-ul-Quran / Tahseen-ul-Quran (Beautification of The Holy Quran) Segment 2 - Let's Ask @ 08:15 I'm usually clean but do I have to Wudhu (ablution) before Salat (Namaz)? How do I prepare for Salat (Namaz)? What is the procedure of Wudhu? What are the things that break the Wudhu? What do we do if Wudhu breaks during the Salat (Namaz)? Segment 3 - Sketch @ 17:30 Basic shapes to draw objects For more information about Islam Ahmadiyya please visit and for more videos check out online Media Library at