Faith Matters: No. 192 - Adhan, Iqamah, Morals, Jesus, Miracles, Lying, Killing, Suffering, Worship


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Faith Matters 192 (see questions and links below) Host: Shahzad Ahmed Participants: Dr Zahid Khan (Chairman Qaza Board UK) Ayyaz Mahmood Khan (Ahmadiyya Muslim Missionary UK) Topic: [01:25] Would it be necessary to call for Adhan when members of the Mosque cannot hear the call and therefore turn up for the Nimaz based on the Adhan? [12:14] Can women say Iqamah? [14:20] Why is religion important? Are good morals enough without religion? [23:05] What is the concept of miracles in Islam? [34:42] Is Jesus Considered Lord in Islam? [35:57] If the Promised Messiah (AS)’s advent is considered to be the second coming of Jesus Christ, did he show any miracles similar to the ones Jesus showed in his lifetime? [41:06] Does the Quran really allows lying to deceive Infidels? [44:39] I am a Non-Muslim, reading the Quran for a second time these days, but want to know why the language used therein isn't very comforting? [48:56] Extremist Muslims say that Non-Muslims should either accapt Islam or die in accordance with the Quran. I would like to hear an interpretation of the Quran that does not include total death and destruction. [53:39] Why do good people suffer? Even though they always do good deeds? [55:38] Why is the purpose of life of human beings is to worship Allah? An informative and contemporary English question and answer programme exploring various matters relating to faith and religion. Programme no. 192. Send your questions to or send a fax to +44 208 687 8037. © Copyright MTA International.